Stray Signals no. 12

Stray Signals no. 12
Tues 2nd Nov 2010
8pm start
£3 entry
19 Hollingdean Terrace,
Brighton BN1 7HB


This Stray Signals marks the event's one year birthday. Bring stories, poetry or anything to share (doesn't have to be related to the birthday theme). There will be cake!

After this Stray Signals we'll be taking a break. We intend to create a book or some kind of document, compiling a year's worth of selected stories, photos, drawings, press and other bits and pieces. More on that soon.

We hope to see you in November. Whether you're an old regular or you've never been to Stray Signals before, here's your chance to come and say Happy Birthday and So Long For Now to a cantankerous wordy one year old.

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yol1971 said...

happy 1st b'day! hope it was a good one. the potential book sounds interesting, let me know if you want any words or pics for it...


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